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Historical Background

Some Products

DPS vocation

DPS vocation

Software Consultancy, Design and Development

Consultancy, Design and Development Domains

Development of applications, libraries, frameworks, and user interfaces.

Development of specific design patterns.

Consultancy is given to improve any line of software product, with brainstorming meeting, user interface analyse, multithreading and multiprocessing techniques.

Training of your teams is done about language ObjectiveC, Apple technologies, Cocoa, AppKit, UIKit, CoreGraphic, CoreAnimation, Foundation, iOS, MacOS.


Unified Modeling Language, Agile, Extreme Programming, Refactoring.

Special Knowledge

iPhone, iPad, MacOS.

Specialist of the ICC color management.

Specialist of PDF Adobe file format and PDF/X standards for the Press and Prepress.

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A French company dedicated to software

Consultancy, Design and Development