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List of products developed by Luc Regnault as a project leader

and main engineer before DPS foundation.

Industrial and Electronics products

1978-1982 Thomson CSF (today Thales)

  1. -Thomfax 2000 (first generation of desktop fax machine)

1982-1991 IMAJE sa (today MARKEM-IMAJE)

  1. -JAIME 1000 (ink jet printer for industrial marking)

  2. -JAIME 2000 (ink jet printer for industrial marking)

  3. -JAIME Bus (multiple ink jet printers with local network system for industrial marking)

  4. -IMAJE Série 7 (first generation of ultra compact ink jet printer for industrial marking)

Software products

1993-1996 Le Pixel sa (sold to Microspot ltd)

  1. -GrayStation (image editor and printer driver for gray images on black and white Macintosh)

  2. -ColorStation (image editor and HQP printer driver for color images)

  3. -PhotoFix (image editor to compete with Photoshop 2.0)

1997-1998 for Alwan Color Expertise as an external contractor

  1. -Monitor Expert Calibrator (full automatic ISO monitor color calibrator)

1999-2010 Alwan Color Expertise (see Alwan website for the products in detail)

  1. -CMYK Optimizer, Photo, Prepress, Press, ECO (automated industrial production software)

  2. -PDF Standardizer (automated industrial production software)

  3. -Print Standardizer (automated industrial production software)

  4. -Link Profiler, Press, ECO

  5. -Color Pursuit

  6. -Device Link Manager plugin for Photoshop

2002-2015 for the fun !...but not only (see Funny Side pages)

- MoreClocks (clock MacOS desktop utility for everyone, calendar, alarm, timezone, etc...)

  1. -MorePhotoLibs (iPhoto library companion)

  2. -FlySafe (the iPhone user interface for the EVE Online mmorpg)

  3. -FroggyDial (better phone calls on iPhone, for left and right-handle people)

Some of the US Patents taken by Luc Regnault. Other patents can be found in the major industrial countries.

  1. U.S. Patent Number 5,457,484
    An ink jet printing head, particularly intended for printing largecharacters, includes at least two modulation bodies having respective nozzles fitted with a device for

  2. U.S. Patent Number 5,128,691
    The invention provides a method for checking the printing quality of an inkjet printer. A control frame is printed independently of a marking message.

  3. U.S. Patent Number 5,055,857
    A device is provided for receiving a combination of two variable volume chambers and a plurality of valves for forming an ink supply circuit for

  4. U.S. Patent Number 4,998,116
    The invention provides a cell having a variable volume chamber and a fluid supply circuit for an ink jet printing head which is equipped therewith.

  5. U.S. Patent Number 4,910,529
    Disclosed is a cell having a variable volume chamber and a fluid supply circuit for an ink jet printing head which is equipped therewith, the

  6. U.S. Patent Number 4,905,018
    Ink jet printing head and replacement of bevel sticks in industrial tracers by an ink jet printing head provided with a set of deflection plates

  7. U.S. Patent Number 4,743,922
    In a ink jet printing head, all essential elements are made integral with a monolithic part (2) acting as a base. Furthermore, the modulation body

  8. U.S. Patent Number 4,628,329
    The invention relates to a circuit for feeding ink to an ink-jet printing head. Consideration is given to a circuit comprising in particular a

  9. U.S. Patent Number 4,590,483
    A charge detector forming part of a device for controlling the electrostatic charge applied to ink drops in an ink-jet printer comprises at least

  10. U.S. Patent Number 4,568,947
    A safety device for the conductive-fluid circulation system of an ink-jet printer consists of a sensor and an associated electronic circuit inserted between an

  11. U.S. Patent Number 4,335,968
    A reading head scans a document to be reproduced line by line and delivers an analog signal the amplitude variations of which represent the

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