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Historical Background.

The company Design Patterns Software has been created in july 2011. The founder Luc Regnault is involved in software industry since 1991, and in the electronic industry since 1978.

The main purpose of DPS is to develop software for iPhone, iPad and MacOS. DPS gives also consultancy about software creation and specially in the 2D graphic’s field. Luc Regnault is one of the european specialist in color management and PDF file format content, and has a twenty years knowledge of MacOS development.

About Luc Regnault:

Luc Regnault study and graduate as an engineer in the prestigious french school Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Métiers.

The Ordre National du Mérite medal is the latest french official award to acknowledge Luc Regnault’s industrial success in 2009. In 2007 he was dubbed ‘the serial developer’ when he scooped the Chéreau Lavet Prize for his outstanding career achievements. Luc Regnault has a personal record of more than 25 patents active in the industry.

In 1978 Luc start his career as an engineer inside the big french group Thomson CSF, which is now Thales. During 4 years he develop the printer and scanner subparts of the first desktop fax machine Thomfax 2000 and 3000. These models have been sold all over the world for a quantity over 50000, a big part in USA with the help of the 3M company. He write 4 patents on fax technology. To found and specify needed electronics components he travel to USA and Japan very often.

In 1982, with Jean-Claude Millet and two other engineers, he found a new company called IMAJE sa. In french the name means «IMpression A Jet d’Encre» (printing with ink jet). The purpose of this new company is to develop, build and sold ink jet printers for the marking industry. In about 5 years IMAJE became a worldwide group with 26 subsidiaries. As the R&D director, Luc managed directly up to 60 engineers and technicians involved in the creation of the most performant ink jet marking machines of 80’s and 90’s, and he was the creator of three generations of marking machines up to 1991. He was also the manager of the international technical assistance, and the manager of the manufacturing facility. The company is known today as MARKEM - IMAJE and is a worldwide group since 1987. Today, around 2000 people are employed by IMAJE. In 1995 Luc with the other founders sold the IMAJE group to the Dover Corporation. He wrote about 15 international patents on ink jet printing and ink management.

In 1993 he founded a new company called Le Pixel. The purpose of Le Pixel was to develop and sold graphic applications for the Macintosh. In 4 years he created GrayStation, ColorStation and Photofix software. These applications have been in competition with Adobe Photoshop version 1 and 2 on a wide public market and about 5000 copies have been sold in France, UK, USA and Japan from 1993 to 1995. The intellectual property of Photofix has been transfered to the UK company Microspot in 1996 and Photofix is always available for sale on the website of Microspot.

In 1997, Elie Khoury the former sales director of Le Pixel create his own company Alwan Color Expertise involved in the standardization of the graphic industry and specially in color management. Luc was the R&D director of Alwan from 1999 to 2010. During eleven years, Luc devoted himself into the creation of a full range of high end industrial production software solutions for color management of the press and prepress file production workflow. Alwan Color Expertise is known all over the world for the quality of its software and associated service. Luc was in charge of Alwan technologies development, which themselves have received awards from international organizations like the Intertech Award from PIA and GATF.

Today a new startup adventure begins with the Design Patterns Software company.

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